PVC Pipe

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Solvent weld IPS schedule series of PVC pipe is manufactured for both pressure and DWV applications in which the maximum operating pressure is 140 degrees (F).

•Sch40 White (Pressure/DWV)
•Solvent Weld Belled End
•1/2" – 12" IPS
•1/2", 3/4", 1" are marked for presure applications
•1¼"-12" are dual marked for pressure and DWV applications
•ASTM D1785 Specification for PVC Pipe
•ASTM D2665 Specification for DWV Pipe
•ASTM D2672 Specification for IPS PVC Pipe Joints using solvent cement
•Complies with NSF / ANSI Standard 14
•Complies with NSF / ANSI Standard 61

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