Fralo Septic Tank

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Product Highlights

-World's Strongest Plastic Septic Tank on the Market
-Available in 750, 1000, 1250, and 1500 gallon
-50-year Warranty
-Lightweight Design
-A Perfect Concrete Alternative
-CSA and IAPMO Certified
(except models ST-300, ST-500, ST-900 & ST-1000E)
-High Strength Engineered Resin
-Water-Tight Seamless Construction
-Safe and Unique Access Riser System
-Patented COEX-3 Multi-Layer Co-Extrusion Process
-Code Compliant - meets or exceeds most all requirements in North America
-Installation Ease - easy handling and adaptable inlet/outlet pipe configurations
-Heavy Duty - designed to perform under tough conditions
-Versatility - Suitable for septic or pump tank applications
-Patented Design

Customer Reviews

Scott Nash says:

I just purchased this tank from GA Osborne. I must say out of all the septic tanks i've installed this is truly the strongest. It was easy to move and install compared to concrete. This will be the only tank I deal with.

Miguel Padilla says:

Pretty good tank. I buried it 5 foot deep and had no problems. Im glad I chose this septic tank.

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